Scania Communication News

Visual design for Scania's new platform - an everyday go-to webpage for information, inspiration best practices and tutorials about communication.

SCA infographic - education

SCA infographic – hygiene education

An infographic I made for SCA and their magazine SHAPE.

Norrfolks logo

Logotype for Sthlm based lifestylebrand Norrfolks.


New logo for Visita initiative Young Creative Hospitality Leaders

Kolmården ad by Anton Larsson

Kolmården Zoo

Winning contribution for an ad competition held by Kolmården Zoo in 2013.

Ponder magazine cover by Anton Larsson

PONDER magazine

Ponder is a pop philosophy magazine aimed at a young, curious and urban population. Watering the dryness of philosophy into a moist mush, it enlightens and entertains hobby philosophers all over the globe.

Teddy's & Friends logo by Anton Larsson

Teddy’s & Friends

Branding and packaging concept for Swedish caterer Teddy's and Friends.

Tophat logo by Anton Larsson

Top Hat media

My contribution in a logotype contest for Top Hat media.

Kona One windsurfing by Anton Larsson

Kona One Windsurfing – Brand book

Brand identity created for the swedish windsurfing company Kona One. Presented in a style consistent brand book.

DJ Michael Brandt – Brand identity

Complete graphic profile for Stockholm based DJ Michael Brandt.

Tekniska Verken – Poster competition

As part of my education I along with some classmates entered and won a poster competition held by Tekniska Verken in Linköping, Sweden.

Photo of Johan Lindqvist by Anton Larsson


A small selection of my photography, taken in the last couple of years.

EX12 invitation by Anton Larsson

EX12 – GDK graduation exhibition

EX12 is the graduate exhibition for the Linköping University education program Graphic Design & Communication, GDK. I was an Art Director on the marketing team for the 2012 edition.